Medical Assisting

One of the quickest routes into the medical industry is through medical assisting. All you need to do is complete a short medical assistant online course and gain a qualification. Quickly you will be able to realize your dream of providing care services to those that need it the most. There has never been a better time to get into medical assisting program, the industry is essentially recession proof and there are a plethora of jobs available. However, what does ‘assisting’ actually entail? Let’s take a little look.

Medical Assisting is probably one of the most diverse positions in the medical field. One day you could be greeting patients, and the next day you could be taking blood samples. It is always busy and hard work, but if you genuinely care about the patients that you deal with, you certainly will never get bored with the position! This is a highlight of some of the jobs you could be doing if you are involved in medical assisting training:

  1. Checking in Patients
  2. Taking Vital Signs and Blood Samples
  3. Giving Injections
  4. Medical Billing and Insurance
  5. Updating Medical Records as well as searching through information.
  6. Be the first point of contact for patients over the telephone.

The exact jobs that you carry out will depend on the practice that hires you, as well as the needs. You won’t be carrying out all of these jobs in every single location. Medical Assistants can now be found in GP Offices, Hospitals, Care Homes and a variety of other places. Basically, where a medical service is provided, you will find an assistant. You should bear in mind that this position requires a lot of skill, especially since you will be doing both clerical and medical tasks. However, the pay you get will certainly reflect the amount of effort that you are going to be putting in.

As this is a certified position, you will need to complete a course in order to qualify. There are two different ways in which you can go about this. The first is a two year degree from a school, which can be completed ‘part time’ in a slightly longer time frame, or you can do a one year certificate. During this course you will learn everything you need to know about medical terms, a bit about science, first aid, medical billing and any other information that you need in order to succeed in the profession.

Once you complete your program, you will have to take certified medical assistant exam given by the American Association of Medical Assistants. You will need to retake the exam every five years. Whilst not all employers will require the certificate, it is suggested that you get it to increase your job prospects.

If you really want to get involved in the profession then you should certainly take a look into the variety of different courses out there now. This could quite possibly be one of the most ‘fulfilling’ positions that you have ever had. This is a quick route into the industry, and is much faster than other methods. You could find that you climb up through the positions fairly quickly.


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